A long walk talking about nothing is all that we have lived. Aflame our world with uselessness let the warm amber felt be on our face. Great men fall like a cliff into the sea of purposelessness, the water calms as if nothing tossed. Bye bye birth bus, all creatures cave in. Green leaves falls in springs and the glowing golden and brown leaves clamps to their branch undisturbed by wicked wind. Sane ones walks the dark while insane kept where darkness can not bark. Man created as his maker does, he created problem he can’t solve, created enmity between him and his lover

Trails made by a tail, a tail telling tales by trails. Where come us? Bold evil unchained in every man. We lost our fragrance and took another; our sight painfully dictates what our mind will think. Our heritage taken, our power to define, to define divinely. On our journey to becoming God we stopped to become animals, every one taking his instinct as gold lamp. The trail of animalistic nature runs through our landscape. Man fight another over a cake, another maims for paper stamped with colours. Men razed another just because he wouldn’t have the same skin colour with him. Man drowns his friend in his own blood because he wouldn’t prostrate how he prostrates. Man is now counted to be great if he can play well to bag gold in soccer world cups or the Olympics, he plays to please spectators. He moulds his life because that’s what a group of people require. He defines who he is based on what the world gives him. He raises his standard of evil because each dawn some evil because the norm of life, celebrated.

Rapines, act of tyranny, burning souls offering their reducing cry in tongues of fire. Men are born anew with right camouflage; Cheats have fleet of gold shinning. Shall a dawn go before a soul visit the tomb yet a man sends him there. No one is innocent as the news around portrays, all have lost the fountain of innocence, all that remain of us is unending stream wickedness. Corruption crowned in open field men bow and prostrate. Advancing with our war against our maker daily, our living made marks of death. Meaning of one becomes multiple, love became debatable. Tiredness is not optional, confusion is our only solution. Rest for mankind seems to be lost to another planet.  Who shall call all together to order? Who will draw out the tail we sew into our nature? Who can clean up the trail and rewrite the tale of our tail? The Bible has the answer, the answer is Jesus Christ.

If man will submit to the animal in him, he can do better with allegiance with his maker. If man would not provide solution to his created problem, then he has to accept defeat and let he who has never lost battle fight in his stead. Christ can crush your hope of hopelessness and he will be your hope of glory. He is willing to exchange righteous hail for your tail. He loves to return back to you regality of your divinity instead of your wretched animality.


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