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A word waged war in the past, relentless till now. I know a foe fact that we all play deaf to; our weakness. We all act drama to water its reality, but it floats on it like a boat enjoying the voyage. We dodge in the shades of the indulgence of our pacifying faith. We have long gone pretended, but I want-out. Pretence the wool in knit of my weakness, I am afraid that my sin weakened soul shall be too weak to make a decision of no weakling.

Calling a smile a name, maybe you know or haven`t you noticed, I like girls. Whenever I see a smile radiating from a standing figure eight, all the curves and edges spins me into the revolutions of Venus. They just don`t get it, their voices and scent sends me into ecstasy but I keep it locked all down. I maybe a preacher but still I’m a man, I am made for this, distinctively; I am attracted to these being with long hair, a graceful feminine face. But in this sin-sunk world, abuse is inevitable so my weakness sets in like the evening orange sun; I alone squeeze the juice yet, I know better now, you ladies you know I have a weakness for you and stylishly plough it. You dress to kill me and true, I am dying!

Whenever I hear that low vibrating voice my heart is jolted. I can’t help myself when I see this broad chested being, walking with vigour before me. I would not lie low and stay in the blue when all I see is this muscular and commanding figure, oozing of authority. Guys just don’t know what am passing through when one of them go soft on me, I can’t keep his thought to myself, my friends have to know, especially if he smiles so sincere. I am meant to be attracted to you and you to me, not to have a deficiency because of you. But in this darkness natured earth, I am confused with many things, yet I read a golden guide (the Bible) telling to me to neither be ploughed for my weakness nor should I plough someone’s weakness for me. For I have faith and believe Him who made the earth as a child for only with my child-like faith can I see the kingdom of GOD but what about you who cause me to cross my course with GOD?. I have little faith for I am a child in this faith and wonderfully it is growing why shall you cause death to hold unto me?

If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his faith in me it would be better for that person to have large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea Mt 18:6, I came into the gathering of believers seeking haven from temptation, to be strengthened by the act of faith of you who believes. But what did I find? I found men and women who are too weak to remember their weakness; they carry around them the smile of conqueror. Instead of helping one another up to the hill of holiness, they knowingly pull weaker men into the hades of sin. I’m amazed most time when guys and ladies quote the scriptures glidingly but the scripture does not show in their picture. Guys know that I am prone to sweet words; they go to schools where they teach them to do it so well. Every other day when one walks up to me, I sure know what their lips will pour out, I am prepared but still I am flooded and drowned because my weakness lies greatly in there. Rom 7:20; If I do what I do not want to do, this means I am not the one that does it but the sin in me. I made up my mind not to look a woman lustfully but ladies supposedly in Christ are not helping my decision. My will is weak, my strength is no more. Rom 7:24; who will save me from this dying body?

In your weakness you rend someone else weaker. When you appear strong is when you actually expressly express your weakness. I am weak I agree, do you also accept your weakness? You who want to go on with ploughing, ploughing the weakness of those who can’t just help but being weak for you. I have found a way out; I will always do the things that joys my LORD for the joy of the LORD is my strength. I never will leave my fountain of strength, Christ who strengthens me Phil4:13. If you stand with me, help stay the slippery, strengthen the weak, and build the dilapidating.

Take no captive of weakness, freedom you can point to, only when Christ has freed you. A man will always have a soft spot for a woman yet a woman who accepts her weakness for him but is strengthened of the LORD will make sure that he directs his weakness for her to exploitations for the LORD. And the same applies to men, that they may be able to quicken a woman to express the gospel just because he knows that she has weakness for him. Not just with opposite sex must you stand in the strength of the Lord but in all things. Helping someone to become strong for the issues of the spirit tells that you have been with Jesus Acts4:13, connected to his muscles. Job 12:11 Doth not the ear try words? And the mouth taste his meat?

Written By: Aramide Ayodotun (300L Student of Geology, OAU)


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