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I found myself sitting in an anthropology class on Monday morning while I listened to my lecturer as he discussed with us cultural patterns giving us various illustrations on how culture nowadays is moving from the ideal, that is what is expected to, behaviourally. One example that caught my attention was the idea of virginity, which young people and even adults in my generation view as insignificant and not an issue worthy of discuss in this age.

The behavioural culture today screams that sex is just a part of life and nothing more than just a Saturday night entertainment activity, you can tune the TV or open a magazine and find that most of “our celebrities” today demonstrate a life style that years ago was only promoted by porn stars.

The culture today is telling us that sexual interaction before marriage is acceptable. The intimacy that God intended to be shared between husband and wife has become a mere social interaction for many people in the world today.

But amidst all these, what is God’s standard on this issue that the world has declared to be insignificant and has no place in 21st century issues, when the world is battling with homosexuality, abortion laws and the likes.

Ephesians 5:3 says ‘but among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity.’ By this, God has drawn a line that it should not even be thought of among the children of God and so for those who are single they should not just have virginity as sexual state, but it should be a mind-set. And so it is not about having a clean sexual record, it is also about having a clean mind , because there are lots of people that walk down the aisle, with a short sexual history but a long past of perverted minds/thoughts.

We need to know that our purity is a matter of flesh and spirit, we are accountable to God for our thoughts as well as our actions and guard our thoughts with all diligence. Therefore it is time for us to look up to God to help us fight our temptations, and push back on this culture that will lead people to hell “if you aren’t at war with sin you are not at home with.” It is now time for us to embrace God’s ideal now so that we can enjoy the ultimate unity of marriage to its fullest in future.


Written By: Unanka Onyekachi Taiwo ( 300L Student of Sociology & Anthropology, OAU )



  1. Hmmm. Really true. Virginity today is seen as an afterthought, it’s seen as unimportant but God’s standard is for us to remain pure both in body heart and mind. May God help us. Amen


  2. This write up is just what’s need in this dispensation. It grieves my soul the state of our tiring culture that want revive and refresh itself by promoting sexuality. God is your strength. Amen.


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