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The parables of Christ as earlier known is much of warning unto his own sheeps in the fold. According to the inspired word of the Holy Spirit. Amidst his parables is the ‘wheat and the tares’ which symbolises the last day.

In relation to the scripture, Matthew 13:24-32, Christ looked unto the multitude and spoke in parables. Something worthy of notice about Christ is his ability to see visions, prophecies and discern it to the multitude what might likely befall them if not careful. This also reflects Christ understanding of our needs and how to cater for us. Now back to our parable, the wheat were planted by the farmer (Christ), but the devil came to plant the tares in the night (evil deeds) and the vineyard workers (angels) seek permission to weed off the tares but the farmer said ‘leave it till the harvest day.’ The wheat were able to scale through and at long last brought into the barns. If you would agree with me, Christ has given us the ability to decide and he has never interfered with that. Christ should have given permission to the angels to destroy the tares but he didn’t, waiting for the tares to repent and at last we could see their end.

The parable is just like a symbolic event of the world today, remember the wheat were able to withstand even with the tares amidst them. Christianity today has been muddled up, why? Because as it stands it’s actually, if not entirely difficult to differentiate a Christian from a non-Christian most often. We have subjugated people to church nowadays, even dress like it’s a fashion parade moment. Christian piety has lost its original form. This takes me to the end of the Greeks and roman period when Christendom couldn’t find its place in the society, love has turned to lust, communality turns individualist interest, various doctrines being introduced to the church etc. because I would not want to bore you with these several events, then the question is, do I need to be amidst them and even if I am to be among them is it for the purpose of winning souls or not. Believe me or not, Satan is working assiduously to devour people and has embarked on various device to do so.

My fellow christians, remember the wheat scaled through that tough moment with the tares, also Satan has planted the tares to disrupt the wheat and so please watch out and let us retrace our steps. It is known to us that the hour has come and let us stand firm with Christ and the eternal kingdom will be ours. These are my words of encouragements to you as Christ did in the scriptures.


Wrtten By: Olawuyi Taiwo ( 300L Student of English Language , OAU )



  1. Hmmm wheats and tares. It’s always been only two sides you are either for God or the devil, either a sheep or goat, a wheat or tare, a child of light or darkness. But let’s remember what the Holy Scriptures say in Matt 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


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