“The Day I Fell In Love With You”


Image Credit: https://goo.gl/L2YgN9


The day I noticed the brightness of the sun

The day I realized how the moon lightens the dark

The day I listened to the humming of the bird

Their sweetness touched my soul and I rejoiced along with them


The day I picked up my Bible

And I saw that not my title

Nor my intelligence has kept me this far

The day I heard the story is how loving you are

At first, I did not believe till I felt your love


The day I opened my eyes to see the beauty of nature

I was bounded with the creator whose marvelous grace I enjoy

The day I saw the birds dancing, singing and soaring high in the sky

I looked at the leaves on the trees blowing left and right in praises to you

Fresh drops of water touched my feet,

How could I have not seen and known all these beauty before?


You have lived me even before I was conceived

You sent your only son to die for a dinner like me

How could I have not seen and known that it’s your everlasting love that keeps

And sustains me?


Waking and knowing that for have granted me another day blesses my soul

Take hold of me and never let me depart from you oh lord!

When I opened my eyes and heart to see

How gracious and loving you are,

All things changed for the better

That’s the day I fell in love with you.


Written By: Adegbenjo Oreoluwa ( 300L Student of English Language , OAU )


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