At the mention of “madness,”people tremble because it is not a psychological/mental state that anyone wants to be in. But what if being “mad” could be a recuperating agent in our time of spiritual need?, what if sorrow/pain could be the antidote to our spiritual quagmire and disdain for God? The case of king Nebuchadnezarr is one that readily pops up in our head when we think of recuperative madness but that is not where I am driving at, my take on the writer of “Daniel 4” will be that of worship as the foundation upon which I write this piece.

While pondering on the events that took place with this great king of the world empire Babylon, Nebuchadnezarr, I discovered that this man had before him every evidences that God is indeed greater; the golden image dream interpretation, the burning fiery furnace, and yet at another point in his ruling career. This same man could not listen to the voice of the same God he had witnessed performing wonders.

The book of Daniel 4 indicates another dream and interpretation but this time there was defiance to the warning. What does this say about us and how we treat God, most especially when the call to obedience is not for our own comfort, how we desire to do that which we deem is right in our sight without consideration to what God says about  our actions.

Consequently, the inability of the King to heed to the warning brought him into the prophesied doom. But it is pertinent to say categorically how God reminded the King of his disobedience to his instruction immediately before his ordeal befell him.

It is therefore safe for us to infer from this Biblical event that experience infused with relationship with God is the only way we can appreciate who God is and therefore follow his path. Nebuchadnezarr had a lot of experiences with God as he saw a lot of signs and wonders performed even before his presence, but still he refused to listen to the warnings of the prophet concerning him. Signs and wonders can take you up to an experiential moment with God, but if you fail to relate daily with him, those experiences will just end up being in vain in our christian walk.

Interestingly though, the king was to be mad but for a while ( 7 years) before he would regain his senses, and so because God is not ready to give up on us, He would allow these “madness” to take over us just to get us back to himself. He would allow us go through that pain, sorrow, challenges and agonies, just to reshape us, to mould us and bring us to that perfect harmony with himself just as He did with Nebuchadnezarr. ” Now Nebuchadnezarr praise and extol and honour the king of heaven, all whose works are and judgements are true and those that walk in pride, He is able to abase.”  – Dan 4:37.

God wants to refine us, He wants to re-mould us, He wants to reshape us into that perfect being that will be in harmony with Him so that when we come out of our ” madness,” we can say like Nebuchadnezarr, “….our God is indeed just and honourable.”


Written By: Akpa Chigozie ( 100L Student Of Law, OAU )


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