“The date of your test cannot be fixed now because of your individual class schedules, I would see your class representatives and discuss with them……….” Those were the words of the lecturer as at Wednesday, Thursday evening I did not hear any other information and I never bothered to ask nor should I say forgot to ask. On Friday morning, I had no motivation for going to class so I was on my bed doing other “things” while my mates were in school. When I got to school I learnt that the test was conducted that very day at the time of the lecture so instead of lecture we had a test that carried at least 20 marks. What would I do… rushing to the HOD who also happened to be one of the lecturers taking the course I explained and gave reasons why I had missed the test “sir I didn’t know bla bla bla… His simple answer “There is nothing I can do, you have missed it and I can’t help you.”My heart sank! What was I going to do?… I couldn’t even get myself but I consoled myself with the fact that I still had the exam to write and my attendance rate to the class and also submission of assignments was consistent.

Many of us like myself have no motivation as Christians; we give so many excuses why we couldn’t do what is expected of us. One of my many excuses would be that I did not have a whatsapp/browsing phone and just like me, many of us Christians would a say we did not hear and that was why we did not do this or that. Ignorance is not an excuse. We all open our mouths to say we are busy when it comes to the things of God that we always forget that it is God in the first place that gave us strength to do what we are doing or we want to do at that moment. My meeting with the HOD and the answer he gave is exactly what God would say to us when we meet him on that day…..”There is nothing I can do”

  • Just like me  not knowing the day the test would be held, none knows the day God would come.
  • Just like me having no motivation to go to class, many of us lack the same motivation to be truly Christians (we just bear the name)
  • Just like me missing the test, many of us because of this attitude would miss heaven
  • Just like me going to the HOD’s office to ask for his help, many of us would run to God asking for forgiveness
  • Just like me being told by the HOD that there is nothing he can do, God would say to many of us on that day that there is nothing he can do
  • Unlike me, that was able to console myself with the thoughts of the forthcoming exams, assignments I had submitted and my attendance rate, many of us would have no second chance.

There is no second chance, no forgive me Lord, no I am sorry Lord, your tears would count for nothing and that would be the end.

The trumpet is yet to sound and Christ has not come yet, we have now so many chances to redeem ourselves, we have so many chances to do what is right, we have so many chances to make amends, because on that day, there is no second chance. Make use of this time wisely.


Wrtten By: Grillo  Adedolapo  O. ( 200L Student of Engineering Physics, OAU )



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