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THEME: CHRISTIAN LIVING                                            DATE: 25th OF MAY, 2015 TOPIC: A LITTLE SALT THAT SPOILS THE SOUP MEMORY TEXT: Proverbs 14:17 "He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly: and a man of wicked devices is hated." INTRODUCTION      Bible is the basis for Christian living. It touches all aspect of how we, followers of Christ Jesus, … Continue reading BIBLE STUDY LESSON 1



"The date of your test cannot be fixed now because of your individual class schedules, I would see your class representatives and discuss with them………." Those were the words of the lecturer as at Wednesday, Thursday evening I did not hear any other information and I never bothered to ask nor should I say forgot … Continue reading NO SECOND CHANCE!

Grace: The Power to Overcome All Sin (Part 1)

Let me start by asking: Who is a Christian? I know some will quickly give an answer by saying, “A Christian is one who is Christlike.” This is definitely true. In fact Ellen G. White wrote clearly that “to be a Christian is to be Christlike.”— Adventist Home, 427. But when we take time to … Continue reading Grace: The Power to Overcome All Sin (Part 1)