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THEME: CHRISTIAN LIVING                                            DATE: 25th OF MAY, 2015 TOPIC: A LITTLE SALT THAT SPOILS THE SOUP MEMORY TEXT: Proverbs 14:17 "He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly: and a man of wicked devices is hated." INTRODUCTION      Bible is the basis for Christian living. It touches all aspect of how we, followers of Christ Jesus, … Continue reading BIBLE STUDY LESSON 1



"The date of your test cannot be fixed now because of your individual class schedules, I would see your class representatives and discuss with them………." Those were the words of the lecturer as at Wednesday, Thursday evening I did not hear any other information and I never bothered to ask nor should I say forgot … Continue reading NO SECOND CHANCE!

Grace: The Power to Overcome All Sin (Part 1)

Let me start by asking: Who is a Christian? I know some will quickly give an answer by saying, “A Christian is one who is Christlike.” This is definitely true. In fact Ellen G. White wrote clearly that “to be a Christian is to be Christlike.”— Adventist Home, 427. But when we take time to … Continue reading Grace: The Power to Overcome All Sin (Part 1)


At the mention of "madness,"people tremble because it is not a psychological/mental state that anyone wants to be in. But what if being "mad" could be a recuperating agent in our time of spiritual need?, what if sorrow/pain could be the antidote to our spiritual quagmire and disdain for God? The case of king Nebuchadnezarr … Continue reading OUR KING HAS GONE MAD!


The parables of Christ as earlier known is much of warning unto his own sheeps in the fold. According to the inspired word of the Holy Spirit. Amidst his parables is the 'wheat and the tares' which symbolises the last day. In relation to the scripture, Matthew 13:24-32, Christ looked unto the multitude and spoke in … Continue reading WHEAT AMIDST THE TARES.


A long walk talking about nothing is all that we have lived. Aflame our world with uselessness let the warm amber felt be on our face. Great men fall like a cliff into the sea of purposelessness, the water calms as if nothing tossed. Bye bye birth bus, all creatures cave in. Green leaves falls in … Continue reading TAIL WITH A TALE